Less lashing, more driving

Safety is important. But cargo securing takes time – time that could be used to accomplish more deliveries. Time is money!

A simple solution to secure your transport fleet and make it more efficient at the same time, are the KCN anti-slip floors. These floors are already highly valued by leading industrial companies.

Depending on the product, the coating is either applied directly in the vehicle or the coated and made to measure wooden panels are fasten to the floor.

With KCN anti-slip floors, the sliding friction values ​​are increased massively. There is very little, respectively no sliding cargo at all even with heavy exposure! This saves a lot of lashing and partly also loading security transversely to the direction of travel!

Our 3 KCN anti-slip floors

Valued benefits:

  • Loading with cargo security transversely to the direction of travel can sometimes be omitted. Time saving!
  • Anti-slip mats are no longer necessary – thus decreased risk of accidents for your employees. Safety and time saving!
  • Cargo security with adjustable straps could be inapplicable for the most part. Time saving!
  • Increased security for cargo and personnel. Increased safety!

In addition, KCN anti-slip floors offer:

  • Wear protection
  • Corrosion protection
  • Sound insulation (PIEK regulation Netherlands)
  • Acid / alkali resistant
  • Salt resistant
  • Oil-resistant